A new approach.

What is e-Bio?

An interview style introduction in the form of a 20 – 30 second video linked via an email signature or QR code on a business card for a quick and effective personal greeting!

“We’re seeing more of an emphasis on brands building emotional relationships with consumers because it’s powerful and it works. When you do it, you have a much stronger affinity, a much stronger business, much stronger growth and much stronger results.” Jim Stengel. Former global marketing officer of Procter & Gamble and author of ‘Grow’.

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Why is it so unique?

Greet before you Meet

Are you in sales, insurance, real estate or brand building of any kind?

How do you market yourself, how do you let people know who you are and what you do.

Building your personal brand has become vital in the world of sales. We are bombarded daily by sales pitches from faceless brands and have largely become intolerant to old sales tactics!

We have to change how we sell - in this age of the smart phone, where audio and video is king, we need to take advantage by building a personal brand!

e-Bio achieves that! Share with your target market who you are let them know your story.

People are weary of old invasive sales tactics; tele sales from a crowded noisy sales office, unwanted email spams and wads of paper in their mail box!

Let your new client’s first interaction with you be a genuine audio visual experience where they are introduced to the real you.

“Winning brands are those who help us connect by being human. They nurture our humanity in a world of technology, and facilitate real interactions and meaningful experiences.” David Blyth

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Good Question!.

Why e-Bio?

The information age has rapidly changed how we conduct ourselves in business.

There is the superficial contact of emails, texting, and even phone calls - but we’re sacrificing face-to-face time for quick communication.

This system fuels a loss of the employee's personality in a relationship with the client, that begins online. Many employees interact differently through text compared to in person —body language and expression are incredibly important to understanding true meaning and sometimes a person’s true nature.

e-Bio helps you use these new inventions successfully — without cheating yourself out of genuine human connection in the process.

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About e-Bio

e-Bio is a group of dedicated and passionate specialists in the art of business communication.

Our background in television presenting, acting and production provides us with a unique and relevant insight into the power of video.

Our experience in sales and marketing provides another, equally important, insight into the value of precise and engaging communication.

We are encouraged daily by the brief, yet personal interactions we experience. We re-create those experiences through the use of innovative video tools, for others to enjoy and benefit from.

The Directors of the firm all add unique value to the company and offer skills and expertise that greatly enhance the effectiveness of the company and increase the opportunity for success.

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e-Bio Greet!

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Check out how effective a visual and verbal greeting can be!

Ina-Marie Garcia

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Hiram Austin

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of audio-visual information is retained after 72 hours, as opposed to only


of textual information.” (FORBES.com)

Work Process

  • 01


    Assess the needs of your company including number of employees who need e-Bio profiles.

  • 02

    Video Shoot

    Onsite filming of each employee/staff.

  • 03

    QR Code

    Edit e-Bio's and activate QR codes for quick access to your personal e-Bio.

  • 04


    Host e-Bio's on our platform with your branding.

  • 05


    Your personal e-Bio is now available to share across all social and print media.

Our Packages

We offer packages for small to large businesses.

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